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Welcome to the website of The Migraine Association of Ireland. We are Ireland’s only patient charity providing support, education, information and reassurance to people suffering from migraine and other headache disorders. We provide free educational courses on self management and understanding migraine for people with migraine, and certified health professional courses for GPs and other HCPs.

We also lobby and advocate on behalf of migraine sufferers to access new treatments and to ensure they have access to current treatments. We operate an Information Line and produce a member’s magazine three times a year with national and international news of interest to those with migraine. We also have a variety of information resources on social media and we have a selection of information leaflets including our migraine diary to help track and identify your triggers. To find out more please click on the relevant link below.


The Migraine Association of Ireland is a Patient Orientated Organisation, Providing Information and Support for People That Suffer with Migraine, in an Overlooked Environment.

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Are you struggling to treat your migraines with over the counter medications. There may be a better treatment option for your type of migraine.

Trigger factors are implicated in about 40% of migraine attacks. Help reduce the number of attacks you experience by identifying and avoiding your triggers.

Diet and Lifestyle choices can often increase the severity and frequency of migraines. Find out how to reduce migraine frequency through diet and lifestyle adaptations.

Complementary Treatments such as acupuncture, yoga and massage can prove beneficial to people that suffer with migraine and headache. Find out more.

Physiotherapy is increasingly seen as a treatment for migraine and headache. Find out more about what types of physio treatments can help with which types.

Visit our comprehensive health professional section with diagnostic resources and information on the diagnosis and clinical treatment of migraine.

Migraine is a Complex Neurological Disorder

That Affects Different Areas of The Brain

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News and Media

Picture by Simone Noronha @simonenoronha for @nytimes HealthLatestLifestyle
October 15, 2019

Migraine and Smell

Picture above by Simone Noronha @simonenoronha for @nytimes As we know, people with migraine have a very sensitive brain, which results in being extremely susceptible to the environment around us, whether we’re aware…
MAI News
October 14, 2019

Reasonable Accommodation Application for Leaving Cert Exam 2020

The application forms for Reasonable Accommodations (RACE) for the 2020 Leaving Certificate have now been issued. Details are below. The closing date for the Reasonable Accommodations for the 2020 Leaving…
LatestMAI NewsMedia
September 18, 2019

MAI welcomes Sláintecare funding for piloting an innovative integrated approach to headache care in Ireland.

On Monday the 16th September, Minister for Health Simon Harris TD announced the successful applicants for the €20 million Sláintecare Integration Fund. One of the successful applicants was the Towards…

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Disabling Disease

A major WHO paper published in the Lancet in August 2017 reported Migraine as now the 6th most disabling disease overall and the 4th amongst women.

World Population

Migraine affects between 10-15% of the world’s population Rasmussen BK, Olesen J. Epidemiology of migraine and tension type headache. Current Opinion in Neurology 1994; 7: 264-271.

Medication Overuse

More than two-thirds of medication overuse headache occurs in people with migraine as the primary headache. Thus, migraine and MOH combined has become the second largest cause of disability in Ireland in 2016.

The Migraine Association is a

Not for Profit Patient Charity