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Reasonable Accommodation for State Exams 2018 – Late Applications

By January 18, 2018 MAI News

The late application forms for Reasonable Accommodations (RACE) for the 2018 Leaving Certificate have now been issued. Details are below.

The closing date for the Reasonable Accommodations for the 2018 State Exams was 27th of October 2017, however, there is still a chance to apply. The closing date for late applications is March 23rd 2018

The SEC has issued two guides to make people aware of the changes that have been made to the Reasonable Accommodations application for the State Exams. They can be found on the SEC website or by clicking below; – Please be aware that the guides below take a few moments to load.

Student’s Guide to Reasonable Accommodation

Instructions for Schools

The following are the application forms –

Late Application for Reasonable Accommodations for the 2018 Junior Cert

Late Application for Reasonable Accommodations for the 2018 Leaving Cert

For more information see www.examinations.ie

For all queries on the 2018 examinations please contact the State Examinations Commission directly:

Email: race@examinations.ie
Phone: 090 644 2782
Fax: 090 644 2744

Migraine and State Exams

Under certain circumstances special arrangements can be made to facilitate a student with migraine when taking state examinations. Some of these arrangements can be made by the school while for others it is necessary for the school to contact the Reasonable Accommodations Section of the State Examinations Commission.

State Examinations Commission (SEC)

 The School can apply on behalf of the candidate using the form issued by the SEC to request a special centre within the school for the candidate to sit the examination on their own. The school must have a letter from the student’s GP/consultant before approaching the State Examinations Commission.

The school must apply in advance. The closing date for the 2018 examinations session was Friday the 27th of October 2017 however, they will accept the Late Applications until Wednesday the 28th of March 2018. Decisions are made on a case by case basis.

If granted a special centre, it does not automatically mean that the candidate will be sitting in an examination centre on their own. In some circumstances it may be appropriate for school authorities to assign a small number of candidates (also being accommodated under the Reasonable Accommodations Scheme) to one special centre under the control of one superintendent.

A candidate may apply to have a tape recorder to record answers if they are unable to write.

In the event that a candidate cannot sit the examination at the scheduled time the candidate can sit later on that date provided they are supervised by a member of the School Authority, have had no contact with other candidates or anyone who may have had sight of the question paper, or knowledge of its contents.  Any change to the scheduled start of an examination must have prior approval from the State Examinations Commission. Candidates may not, however, take an examination on a later date under any circumstances.

Should the student be alright on the day and have no need to avail of the special centre the Reasonable Accommodations Office should be notified.  This can be done on the day and an email will suffice.

Contact details for the Reasonable Accommodations Office:

Email: race@examinations.ie
Phone: 090 644 2782
Fax: 090 644 2744

Accommodations that can be granted by School

There are certain arrangements that the school can make without applying to the State Examinations Commission. The student should provide a letter from their GP/neurologist to the school stating that they suffer from migraine. The school may then authorize the following:

  • Granting breaks or rest periods in each examination session that are warranted by the physical or medical condition of the candidate. Under this type of arrangement the time taken for rest or as a break may be compensated for at the close of each examination period to a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • Taking of medicine, food or drinks into the examination centre where this is required for medical reasons.
  • Allowing the candidate to move within the centre.
  • Use of a special desk or chair used in the classroom.
  • Use of low vision aids used normally in the classroom.
  • Ensuring that a candidate with a hearing impairment is positioned close to the superintendent.