The March of Many Headache Triggers

By 14 March 2018MAI News

The March of Many Headache Triggers.

Here are a few quick hints to help with some of the possible triggers of the month of March. Know your triggers, be aware of your surroundings and environmental factors, then you can plan to keep migraine at bay. Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best is always a good motto. 9 times out of 10 the best will happen, but there’s always that 1 time…


  • Avoid chocolate if it’s a trigger – Believe it or not, there may actually be an advantage to eating chocolate if you have migraine. According to ‘’ “one study found that chocolate can actually help your migraines by repressing CGRP, one of the proteins involved in a migraine attack.
Spring Weather:
  • Keep sunglasses or migraine glasses handy at all time just in case that sun does come out, or the glare is too high, avoid high winds if you can, keep your medication to hand and pace yourself
  • Try to get a look at the weather for the week and prepare yourself in advance with medication, and have a ‘just-in-case’ bag ready with everything you think you might need.
  • Download AccuWeather or another app that gives a clue about the potential for migraine
Spring Equinox:
  • For some reason, the equinoxes play havoc with people who suffer from Cluster Headache so make sure you have enough medication and O2 in advance
  • Keep an eye on your potential triggers and take a look at the following websites for helpful information OUCH UK &
St. Patrick’s Day:
(I know it’s over but this may apply to other feasts!)
  • Keep away from any drink that’s mad green – unless it’s Pea Soup or Nettle Tea – that colour is not natural
  • Keep an eye on your alcohol consumption, pace yourself and have a glass of water for every glass of wine. With alcohol, the lighter/clearer the drink, the better tolerated by the migraine brain (but not always so bígí cúramach)
  • If going to the parade with little ones, make sure you’re wrapped up, have your sunglasses for the glare and buy a pair of ear muffs or plugs to guard against the noise, if necessary, buy a ridiculously huge leprechaun hat – they look mad but can keep your head quite warm.
  • Try to limit your exposure to crowds and loud noise if at all possible, make plans in advance and explain to family and friends that you may have to opt out of something – Again, prepare for the worst, but hope for the best