Cluster Headache: Fostering Empathy through Patients’ own Stories

By 20 April 2018Latest, Lifestyle

If you want to understand what it really means to live with cluster headache, imagine… fostering empathy through European patients’ own stories of their experiences

Cluster headache (CH) is regarded as the most severe pain known to mankind. The severity of the pain has earned it the nickname “suicide headache”. Unfortunately there is a lack of empathy for people who suffer from CH and this affects how they are treated by friends, family, employers, colleagues and medical practitioners.

On the occasion of Cluster Headache Day of last year (March 21st, 2017), the European Headache Alliance asked CH patients from different European countries to share their experiences and tell people exactly how it feels to suffer CH. It’s hoped that these accounts will spark empathy, understanding and patience, while aiding correct diagnosis and research into this extremely painful and debilitating condition.

You can download the PDF to read these accounts by clicking the link below.