The Billionaire’s Book of Headaches

By 9 April 2018April 29th, 2019Health, Lifestyle, Support

Dr Raeburn Forbes – is a practising neurologist in Craigavon Area Hospital, Co. Armagh and one of Ireland’s leading migraine and headache experts. He is the author of The Billionaire’s Book of Headaches and the accompanying free online headache self management course, an innovative online course to help you better understand and manage your migraines.

“What you will read here is what I tell my own patients. Many people with headaches feel helpless and trapped, or confused about what to do next…. The bottom line: You must change your thinking, use medicines properly and never forget to try drug-free options. The choice is yours! What I’m writing is what I’d tell you to do if money was no object – which is why I wrote ‘The Billionaire’s Book of Headaches’.” (Dr. Raeburn Forbes)