Migraine Information for non-English Speakers

By 19 June 2018July 29th, 2019Latest, Lifestyle

Migraine is a disorder that affects all levels of society, gender, age, socio-economic status and nationality. Ireland has grown into a wonderfully diverse country with people from all over the world living, working, bringing their culture here, and unfortunately suffering from migraine too!

It can be hard for non-English speakers to access relevant health information in Ireland and in recognition of that information gap, we have translated our primary Migraine Information Leaflet into a number of languages, which we believe will best serve the needs of new communities in Ireland.

At the moment we have them in the following 8 languages, Arabic, French, Hindi, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Polish, Romanian and Spanish. We hope to expand this list in the future. You can find the PDF in each language here.

  1. يعد الصداع النصفي هو الحالة العصبية الأكثر شيوعًا في العالم – Arabic
  3. QUÉ ES LA MIGRAÑA – Español
  4. माइग्रेन क् – Hindi
  5. KAS YRA MIGRENA – Lietuvių
  6. 什么是偏头痛 – Mandarin
  7. CO TO JEST MIGRENA – Polski
  8. CE ESTE MIGRENA – Română

View the original English version of the leaflet below


This translation was done by DCU Translation Services, with the help of a grant from the HSE National Lottery and the SSNO Scheme from Pobal and the Department of Rural and Community Development