CGRP Antibodies: Presentation on Exciting New Migraine Medication

By 14 August 2018MAI News

The Migraine Association of Ireland is delighted to announce a Health Professional Seminar in September 2018 featuring two of the world’s leading migraine and headache experts, Dr. Lars Edvinsson and Dr. Allan Purdy. Dr. Edvinsson was the main researcher in the discovery and development of the new CGRP Antibodies.

Dr. Lars Edvinsson is a Neurologist at the Department of Emergency and Internal Medicine, Skåne University Hospital and Professor of Internal medicine at Lund University in Sweden. He is chairman of the Swedish Migraine Society and the current president of the International Headache Society. Dr. Edvinsson will recount early steps and milestones in our understanding of the neuropeptide ‘calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP)’ in the trigeminovascular system and its role in migraine and the journey to develop blockers of CGRP effects.

Dr. Purdy is a Neurologist and Professor in the School of Medicine at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is a Past President of the American Headache Society, and has also served as president of the Canadian Headache Society and on the Board of Directors of the International Headache Society. Dr. Purdy He will present on types of migraine and other headache disorders, treatment options and supports they can offer their patients.

The Migraine Association of Ireland is pleased to present this educational seminar for HCPs (healthcare professionals) to better equip them to treat and support patients suffering from this chronic condition. This event will provide a comprehensive overview of the clinical diagnosis and treatment of migraine and other headache disorders, and offers attendees the opportunity to acquaint themselves with current and emerging therapies applied in the management and treatment of migraine.

There will be an extensive Q&A session following the speaker’s presentation, during which in-depth discussion will be promoted in order to analyse and deliberate the information presented.

The seminar is open to all HCPs including physiotherapists and pharmacists and anyone treats migraine sufferers.

It will take place in the Fintan Gunne Theatre, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital Centre of Postgraduate Medical Education, Catherine McAuley Centre, Nelson Street, Dublin 7 from 1.45 pm – 4:30 pm

PLEASE NOTE: the seminar and Q&A session will be pitched at a clinical level so the event is not open to members of the public and we do run a number of public information events throughout the year which the public can attend for free. Visit our site for more information.

The Migraine Association of Ireland will be in attendance on the evening with a range of free information leaflets and our popular migraine diary. Our book, Migraine: Not Just Another Headache (2016) edited by Dr. Marie Murray can also be purchased at this event.

2 CPD points/CEUs have been awarded from the RCPI and applied for to the NMBI.

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