Migraine Association of Ireland Partners with Curelator to Offer Free Premium Access to N1-Headache App 

By 1 May 2020Media, Press Release




Migraine Association of Ireland Partners with Curelator to Offer Free Premium Access to N1-Headache App 


People who experience migraine attack can register for a FREE premium subscription to N1-Headache through July 31, 2020  


Migraine diaries are a useful way to keep track of your migraine attacks and try to identify what may trigger them. However, they are limited by lack of detailed analysis of what is – and importantly is not – associated with your risk of having an attack. 


N1-Headache is more than a diary: as well as tracking your headache symptoms, it scientifically analyses your individual information and tells you which everyday factors may increase, decrease or have no effect on your migraine. It also identifies your attack warning signs. 


Use N1-Headache to input daily information about your migraines and other headaches. After three months you’ll get your Personal Analytical Report: you can then use this information to guide you to make changes – for example, managing exposure to your personal migraine risk factors or using knowledge of ‘warning signs’ – with the aim of reducing the impact of migraine on your life. 


Irish residents may register through Migraine Association of Ireland through this link: 




  • Migraine is the most common primary headache disorder seen by GPs and hospital doctors. Approximately 952,373 people in Ireland suffer from migraine and up to 2.5 million days are lost from work or school due to migraine in Ireland each year.   
  • The Migraine Association of Ireland provides telephone and online patient information channels, a website for patients and health professionals, nationwide education seminars and accredited Health Professional Training courses in migraine and other headache disorders.  
  • Curelator is a digital health company focused on developing clinical grade disease management platforms for patients and clinicians. N1-Headache™, a Class 1 medical device, is a unique analytical tool for people with a history of migraine or medication overuse. Premium subscribers (including those using the free offer) receive a Personal Analytical Report containing individualized migraine ‘Trigger’, ‘Protector’ and ‘No Association’ maps after 90 days of data entry. This personalized information enables patients and their healthcare providers to manage individual migraine risk factors, assess therapeutic response to drugs and identify opportunities to prevent medication overuse.