Helping You to Help Yourself: A Special Offer From N1-Headache and MAI

By 1 May 2020Latest, Special

Migraine diaries are a useful way to keep track of your migraine attacks and try to identify what may trigger them. However, they are limited by lack of detailed analysis of what is – and importantly is not – associated with your risk of having an attack.

To help you Curelator Inc. has teamed up with the Migraine Association of Ireland to offer you a Premium lifetime subscription to Curelator’s N1-Headache™ app at no cost to you.

N1-Headache is more than a diary: as well as tracking your headache symptoms, it scientifically analyses your individual information and tells you which everyday factors may increase, decrease or have no effect on your migraine. It also identifies your attack warning signs.

How to use the app

Use N1-Headache to input daily information about your migraines and other headaches. After three months you’ll get your Personal Analytical Report: you can then use this information to guide you to make changes – for example, managing exposure to your personal migraine risk factors or using knowledge of ‘warning signs’ – with the aim of reducing the impact of migraine on your life.

For more information and tutorials, please visit the N1-Headache website.

How do I get access to a premium subscription?

1. On your phone’s app store search “N1-Headache” and download the app.

2. Create an N1-Headache account, using your preferred email address.

3. Enter the free N1-Headache code, shown below:


Please note that this offer is open until 31st July 2020.

The N1-headache™ app is intended to support migraine self-management in adults and adolescents (13 years and older)

The N1-headache™ app is not intended to replace the care provided by your doctor, including prescriptions, diagnosis, or treatment.