Words Matter: Evolving the Language of Migraine Disease

By 4 July 2020MAI News

Language is constantly evolving in our everyday lives. This is also true of the language we use to describe migraine disease. Migraine is a serious medical condition, deserving of respect and empathy.   Language is critical to how we view the world and how we are perceived in the world. Living in a society that so often dismisses migraine as “just a headache” lends itself to language which can disempower and minimise a debilitating medical condition.  

With this in mind, we at Migraine Ireland, are about to embark on a consensus-building project with the aim of creating a guide to more accurately reflect how persons with migraine would wish the condition described and portrayed. We will create this guide in partnership with our migraine community and will be calling on those interested in taking part in this project to get in touch with us over the coming weeks. 

Stay tuned to our social media channels for more information.