MAI Presents Migraine in the Workplace Seminar

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Press Release

Dublin – 14 September 2020: The Migraine Association of Ireland (MAI) will present Migraine in the Workplace, a free online seminar on Friday, October 23rd from 12 pm – 2 pm.

The event is aimed at managers, business owners and employers who are interested in learning how to help their employees effectively manage migraine attacks at work.

Migraine is a complex neurological disorder and imposes a substantial burden on patients, families, employers and societies. As migraine primarily affects working‐age adults, this has important implications for both employees and employers.

”Tackling migraine in the workplace is now one of MAI’s key strategic objectives,” says MAI CEO Patrick Little. “This seminar will not only inform employers about the impact of migraine on their workforce but will also highlight practical ways that they can respond for the benefit of both their employees and their companies” he added.

The seminar is sponsored by Novartis and will showcase an internal programme devised and implemented by the company to help their employees with migraine to manage attacks at work.

Commenting, Audrey Derveloy, Managing Director, Novartis, said; “We are delighted to support Migraine Ireland’s, Migraine in the Workplace webinar. Migraine is often a misunderstood disease so it is important to raise employers’ awareness about how migraine can impact a person’s work life. This webinar will provide employers with useful tips on how they can support their employees living with migraine by creating a ‘migraine friendly’ work environment. We are excited to hear from our Global Market Access Director, Mr. Leonhard Schaetz, who will present findings from the Novartis Migraine Care pilot program. We hope that employers will see the many benefits that can arise from the rollout of these types of employee support programs in the future.’

For more information on speakers and to book a virtual ticket please visit MAI’s Eventbrite page at


Note to Editors:

Migraine generally features a one-sided throbbing headache that is episodic and lasts hour or even days with total freedom between attacks. Classical migraine (migraine with aura) may be signalled by visual disturbances in what is call the “aura” stage. This affects about 20% of migraneurs. Common migraine (or migraine without aura) and classical migraine may be accompanied by vomiting, diarrhoea, confusion and, in rare cases, temporary paralysis and loss of speech. Sensitivity to light, noise and strong smells is also frequently reported.

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We also lobby and advocate on behalf of migraine sufferers to access new treatments and to ensure they have access to current treatments. We operate an Information Line and produce a member’s magazine three times a year with national and international news of interest to those with migraine. We also have a variety of information resources on social media and we have a selection of information leaflets including our migraine diary to help track and identify your triggers. For more information, please visit

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