Migraine World Summit 2021

By 16 March 2021Events, Health

The Annual Migraine World Summit begins this St. Patrick’s Day at 7pm Irish time

This year’s speakers include Prof. Peter Goadsby, Prof. David Dodick who have both recently presented talks for us and will also feature Prof. Stewart Tepper who will be doing a talk for us on Thursday the 25th of March. The subject matter of this year’s summit includes new treatments, the causes symptoms and pathophysiology of migraine, comorbidities, the gut sleep and brain connections, exercise and yoga, Covid, light, weather, headache in later life and many more.

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How does it work?

  • Each day at 7pm Irish time, four interviews are made available for 24 hours – once the 24 hours is up you will no longer have access to the talk unless you buy a copy of the Migraine World Summit.
  • The next four interviews are available at the end of that 24 hours, for 24 hours and so on
  • You’ll get an email every day with links to the available talks

For unlimited streaming, transcripts, audio files, etc., you must buy a copy of the Migraine World Summit from their website.

If you’re not sure which talks to watch or don’t have time to watch them all, then they have a pretty good guide on their website to help you, by breaking down and sorting the talks into the following categories.

  • Migraine 101
  • Difficult To Treat
  • Comorbidities
  • Triggers
  • Causes
  • Symptoms
  • Complementary Therapies & Prevention
  • Treatments
  • Advocacy

Here’s the link

Any questions, visit their FAQs page here