National Brain Awareness Week 2021

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Brain Awareness Week Events

As part of Brain Awareness Week 2021 MAI has joined forces with Epilepsy Ireland Midlands, Acquired Brain Injury Ireland Midlands, and MS Society Ireland Midlands to offer a series of seminars on a number of subjects which will not only be of interest to people with migraine, but all people living with a neurological condition in Ireland.

All these seminars will take place remotely and will have a number of leading experts in areas such as mental health, physical therapy, psychology etc. and will offer attendees vital insights and perspectives on how best to manage living with their neurological condition whilst being mindful of their overall health.

We have outlined our series of seminars below and you can register by clicking HERE or if there is one event of particular interest to you, you can register under each event below:

Monday: Dr. Mary Kearney, Monday 15th March at 19:00

Title of talk: Continuing care for neurological conditions in partnership with your GP

Dr. Kearney is a GP from Co. Wicklow with a particular interest in Headache. Since 2016, she has been working global organisations on the issue of Migraine and headache. In this seminar, Dr. Kearney will explain how your GP can support you in living with your neurological condition and insights into how referrals work between GP and consultants so you can gain a wider understanding of the protocols and processes which are followed.

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Tuesday: Dr. Brian McClean, Tuesday 16th March at 19.00

Title of Talk: Emotional Literacy: How to navigate anxiety, sadness and change.

Dr. Brian McClean is a Principal Clinical Psychologist with Acquired Brain Injury Ireland. He has been working in the area emotional wellbeing since 1987 and is a wealth of experience and expertise on the subject. His seminar will investigate emotional intelligence; focusing on knowing your mind and aim to equip you with vital skills to better manage your emotional wellbeing at times of crisis and challenge.

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Wednesday: Caoimhe Kenny, Clinical Dietician, 17th March – pre-recorded

Title of talk: Brain Food; Healthy eating habits in Chronic Neurological Conditions.

Caoimhe Kenny is a clinical dietician working with the HSE at Midland’s Regional Hospital Portlaoise and has worked in both acute hospital and primary care settings. Caoimhe will be speaking on how developing healthy eating habits and following a healthy diet can help you while living with a neurological condition.

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Thursday: Sabina Brennan, Thursday 18th March at 19:00

Title of talk: ”Beating Brain Fog”

Dr. Brennan is a chartered health psychologist, neuroscientist, host of the Super Brain podcast and best-selling author. Sabina’s mission is to get everyone looking after their brain health as routinely as they brush their teeth. She has won her awards in recognition of the societal impact of her work. Her seminar will focus on avoiding what is called “brain fog” in order to allow you to maximise your output and day to day lifestyle.

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Friday: Alison Holmes. Chartered Physiotherapist and Practice Tutor University of Limerick, Friday 19th March at 19:00

Title of talk: Use it to Improve it!! The benefits of Physical activity in neurological conditions.

Alison Holmes is a Chartered Physiotherapist who works as a Practice Tutor on the University of Limerick’s MSc in Physiotherapy program and also owns a private practice in Co. Laois. Alison has gained extensive experience working both in sports’ physiotherapy and neurological rehab since graduating from University College Dublin in 2008. Alison will be speaking to you about the importance of staying active while living with a neurological condition and how this can help day to day life.

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Saturday: Eileen Hopkins and Finola Colgan, Saturday 20th March 14:00

Title of Talk: Self-empowerment and Self- Care Strategies

Our series of seminars for Brain Awareness Week will conclude with this event with Finola Colgan (Development Officer, Mental Health Ireland) and Eileen Hopkins (psychotherapist and award-winning Life Coach). Their joint seminar will focus on managing your mental health while living with a neurological condition and the importance of learning to self-manage your condition to improve your daily life.

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We look forward to welcoming you to these seminars throughout the week as part of Brain Awareness Week. If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please contact our Regional Development Officer, Sadhbh Armstrong on

Brain Awareness Week

Remember, Brain Awareness Week is an opportunity to create awareness and increase the public’s understanding of living with a neurological condition. Be sure to join the conversation and share your experience of living with migraine by using the hashtags #loveyourbrain2021 and #brainawarenessweek2021.

National Brain Awareness Week 2021 takes place from March 15th to 21st and the theme is ‘Promoting Access to Services’ for people with neurological conditions.

To start the week the Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) will be hosting an online launch event on Monday March 15th 2021. More details will follow on their social media pages and on the dedicated website

Love your Brain

Love your Brain is an awareness campaign led by the NAI to coincide with National Brain Awareness Week March 15th to 21st 2021. The campaign aims to promote greater awareness and understanding of the brain and neurological conditions as well as the need for more investment in services, research and prevention.

The campaign is supported by over 30 patient organisations and research groups which will be involved in organising events for Brain Awareness Week throughout the country.