Reasonable Accommodations for Leaving Cert 2023

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Reasonable Accommodations for the State Exams

The closing date for the Reasonable Accommodations for the Leaving Cert Exam in 2023 is:

Leaving Cert 11th of November 2022

Junior Cert date has yet to be published

The following information is a guideline only, circumstances and procedures may have changed. Please contact the SEC for further information.

To allow for students with disabilities, the State Examinations Commission (SEC) has devised what are called Reasonable Accommodations. It’s hard enough going for the exams themselves without worrying about what your disorder is going to throw at you during them, so you can apply for these Reasonable Accommodations which will take your disability into account, take some of the pressure off and give you the same opportunity as everyone who doesn’t suffer.

The first step to take for students who suffer from migraine is to get a confirmation letter from your GP/Neurologist stating the fact that you have been diagnosed with migraine. Both the SEC and the school will need this to proceed to Reasonable Accommodations.

The SEC has issued a guide for schools and students to make people aware of the Reasonable Accommodations application for the State Exams. It can be found on the SEC website or by clicking below; – Please be aware that the guides below takes a few moments to load.

Instructions for Schools

Instructions for Students

The following are the application forms –

Application for Reasonable Accommodations for the 2023 Leaving Cert

Junior Cert form has yet to be published

For more information and a webinar on the RACE Scheme see

For all queries on the 2022 examinations please contact the State Examinations Commission directly:

Phone: 090 644 2782
Fax: 090 644 2744

For more information on Migraine in school see the following

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