Christmas Gift Suggestions for Migraineurs

By 20 December 2022Lifestyle

Here are some Christmas Gift Suggestions for the Migraineur(s) in your life.


  • Assemble A Gift Basket – Ask your local pharmacy to make up a basket with things like migra-stick, cooling eye masks/pads; also, with pampering products that anyone would love.
  • Electric Blanket or throw/Hot water Bottle Set
  • Gravity Blanket
  • Sleep Mask with Bluetooth Capability
  • Reflex Pillow – recommended by a migraineur
  • Shiatsu Massage chair or pillow
  • Migraine-Specific Gifts:
  • Migra Cap or Migraine Ice Hat
  • Migraine/Blue Light Glasses
  • Migraine Pillow
  • Migraine cookbook – The Dizzy

Other Thoughtful Gifts:

  • Jade, Amethyst or Rose Quartz Face Roller and gift set
  • Audio Book and eBook Subscription
  • Himalayan salt lamp
  • Crystal jewellery/spheres/angels for migraine
    • Crystals that are traditionally used for migraine include:
      • Amethyst
      • Rose Quartz
      • Lapis Lazuli
      • Selenite
      • Clear Quartz
      • Turquoise
      • Amber
      • Moonstone
      • Green Aventurine
    • If you don’t believe that crystals influence health, they still make beautiful jewellery and gifts. They are also cool against the skin which can bring relief
  • A spa or hotel break
  • Some unscented soap, or very lightly scented beauty products
  • Lightly scented essential oils
  • Lightly/bespoke scented candles
  • Tea – Some lovely Herbal and Vegan teas are available
  • Music/Streaming membership – Music soothes the savage beast! Even those with migraine
  • Tinted, Anti-Blue Light & Sunglasses/Specific Migraine Glasses/Window tints for the house/car
  • Archery Lessons – Great for people with balance issues (Thanks for the suggestion, Ger)
  • Gym membership – Ask if they’re migraine-friendly (no harsh lighting or booming music)
  • Medic Alert Jewellery
  • Complementary therapy session – Biofeedback, Acupuncture, etc.
  • Gift Vouchers
  • A Forest Bathing session or sessions
  • Books – consider books with slightly larger print to reduce eye strain
  • Migraine-Friendly Cook/Recipe Books
  • Yoga equipment such as a mat, water bottle (non-plastic of course!), etc
  • Make a donation in their name to a fantastic charity that’s dedicated to those with migraine 😊

Whatever you do give or get, we hope you have a lovely, peaceful and migraine free Christmas and wish you the very best for 2023