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12-15% of the Irish population are living with migraine.

This equates to 600,000 migraine sufferers in Ireland. We cannot reach all of them without your help and support.

The Impact of Your Donation

Update and print our migraine information leaflets, posters, diaries, ID cards, our ‘Not just another headache’ book & quarterly brainstorm magazine.
Provide Educational Training to Healthcare Professionals including: Neurologists, GPs, Nurses, Pharmacists and Physiotherapists.
Organise a variety of high quality migraine patient and workplace online events with the most well renowned migraine experts from around the globe multiple times per month.
To keep our Information Line running, our info email inbox and our social media channel queries monitored and responded to within a reasonably time frame.
Please note that no money raised through donations or fundraising goes toward MAI salaries.

The Migraine Association is a

Not for Profit Patient Charity


Affects 12 – 15%

of the Population

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