Online Workshop: Using your Brain to Beat Worry and Stress - Video remains available on Facebook @migraineireland and YouTube

20apr4:00 pm5:00 pmOnline Workshop: Using your Brain to Beat Worry and Stress - Video remains available on Facebook @migraineireland and YouTubeLearn how our Brains Respond to Worry and Stress

Event Details

Video remains available on Facebook @migraineireland and YouTube

Professor William T. O’Connor, from University of Limerick Medical School will hold an online workshop on how to use our brains to beat stress and worry, on Monday April 20th @ 16:00. On behalf of the Migraine Association of Ireland, we would like to thank Prof. O’Connor for his time and his help with our Online Programme.

This session will touch on recent neuroscience findings on how our brain responds to worry and stress, and will provide various strategies to overcome them.

Professor William T. (Billy) O’Connor is Foundation Chair and Head of Teaching and Research in Physiology at the University of Limerick Medical School. His research focus includes an understanding of illness of mind and brain as a disorder of the nerve network, and in the emerging field of neuro-education – the brain science of learning, which arose from his long-standing interest in education, particularly those factors which allow the human brain to learn optimally. Billy retains a strong commitment to scientific outreach and communication. This is best illustrated through his popular Inside-the-Brain website, Twitter @InsideThe_Brain and Facebook  accounts, which report on the latest findings from the world of brain research.

This session will take place via Zoom. To participate you must email where you will be sent login details. This will ensure your privacy and MAI’s continued compliance with GDPR. If you do not email us for this information you will be unable to join the session



20 April 2020 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm(GMT+00:00)