Governance Code

Governance Compliance

The Migraine Association of Ireland is a registered charity  – Registered Charity Number is 20030414, CHY Number is 11252.


The MAI is a Company Limited by Guarantee and is fully registered with the Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA). It is also listed on the Register of Charities.

Register of Charities

The Migraine Association of Ireland (MAI) is committed to complying with the Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public.

Fundraising Guidelines

2022 Audited Accounts

2022 Audited Accounts

The MAI fully complies with the Principles of Good Governance as outlined by The Governance Code (a code of practice for good governance of community, voluntary and charitable organisations in Ireland) and is listed on the Register of Compliance.

Register of Compliance

Please click here for the MAI Statement on the Principles of Good Governance 2018 MAI was shortlisted for the inaugural Good Governance Awards in 2016 for our Annual Report.

Governance Principles


  • The CEO’s annual salary is €61,200 per year, having risen by only €1,200 since being appointed in April 2008. No additional bonuses are paid.
  • MAI does not have a pension scheme
  • No special allowances are paid to staff e.g. Away from Home Allowances, Maternity Benefits, etc.
  • Like other voluntary organisations, MAI suffered substantial reductions in funding throughout the recession, but has substantially reduced running costs since the cuts began through membership of Group Schemes with The Wheel and DFI
  • MAI work is also supported by occasional corporate funding in the form of unrestricted educational grants, which are governed by a strict code of guidance.
  • MAI has the A Standard on the Boardmatch Transparency Scale
Boardmatch Transparency


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 MAI Strategic
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MAI Board Members

Name: Dr. Jeff Smith(Chair)

Date Appointed: 09/01/2023

Experience: Jeff is a physician by training and has vast experience working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Name: Ian Swanton (Treasurer)

Date Appointed: 25/08/2014

Experience: Ian is a chartered accountant and financial controller of a diverse range of private companies.

Name: Alison Liddy (Company Secretary)

Date Appointed: 29/06/2023

Experience: Alison comes from a clinical and pharmaceutical background. She has expertise in both governance and compliance.

Name: Audrey Craven

Date Appointed: Ex Officio

Experience: Audrey is the Founder and President of MAI, and  is an internationally acknowledged patient advocate.

Name: Rachel Lynch

Date Appointed: 20/08/2018

Experience: Rachel is a graphic designer and psychotherapist. She was previously a board member of FibroIreland.

Name: Eoin Mulligan

Date Appointed: 29/06/2023

Experience: Eoin comes from a Microsoft background and is a technology specialist with interests and experience in strategy and IT

Name: Nikki Mullin

Date Appointed: 29/06/2023

Experience: Nikki has a background in Human Resources, including company organisation, administration and training of staff.

Name: Catherine Hearns

Date Appointed: 29/06/2023

Experience: Catherine comes from a retail operations and business management background and is an expert in marketing

Name: Simon Geraghty

Date Appointed: 29/06/2023

Experience: Simon has a corporate go-to-market (marketing new products) background and is a communications specialist

Medical Advisors

Dr. Edward O’ Sullivan – Clinical Director of the Migraine Clinic in University Hospital, Cork City

Dr. Mary Kearney – General Practitioner and ICGP Tutor, Vista Clinic, Naas & Dunlavin Health Centre, Co. Wicklow

Healthcare Professionals

The Migraine Association of Ireland

is a Non-Profit Patient Charity

Migraine is a




That Affects Different Areas of The Brain

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